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Dr Drum Review

Dr Drum, techno beat software designed to be easy, professional, and ready to make banging beats.  In this Dr Drum review, you will learn exactly why this dubstep beat software is for a music enthusiast like you.

Just by searching for professional dubstep software you find out it is quite expensive. Now I think we all can agree on one thing. No one likes expensive software. Instead of paying several hundred dollars of your hard earned money on expensive software that offers the same as Dr Drum. For Dr Drum you pay just $39.00. Personally, this was a convincing price!

What does this Dubstep Software offer?

Dr Drum has many features to offer such as the easy-to-use interface.  It also comes with many

Dubstep Beat Software

video tutorials to help you get started making cool beats. When starting out with new software, it
You even have the ability to import your own sounds if you wanted to. All it takes is one click and voila! You can also use multiple screens for editing your unique beats.can be quite tough understand exactly how to use it. These video tutorials give you that head start you need to make awesome beats!

A very important piece of information people love to know is if it is compatible with their computer. Dr Drum is compatible with PC and Mac. This opens the doors for PC fans and Mac fans worldwide. Enjoy Dr Drum on whichever you would like!

Other Dubstep and Other Beat Features

  • Exports to 44.1 Stereo .wav
  • 4 Octave keyboard
  • Copy bars/multiple bars with 2 clicks
  • Sound control:
  • Alter high, low, and mid sounds (individually on each track)
  • Alter the ‘pan effect’ on each track (alters which speaker the sounds come from)
  • Alter the frequency/res and Ifo on the keys for cool effects (such as making dubstep beats)
  • FREE ‘Sell your beats’ report ($499 RRP value)


So, what kind of beats can you make? Check out the list below!

Beats You Can Make With This Freestyle Beat Software

  • techno beats
  • dubstep beats
  • freestyle beats
  • club beats
  • rap beats
  • hardcore beats
  • trance beats
  • downtempo beats
  • garage beats
  • underground beats
  • west coast beats
  • punk beats
  • progressive beats
  • urban beats
  • hip hop beats
  • jungle beats
  • modern beats
  • dance beats
  • reggae beats
  • soul beats
  • ethnic beats

ALL of these types of music can be created, there are even more beats to make! Personally, I started creating techno beats and dubstep beats. I even tried making some rapping beats. I loved the sound I was creating with this dubstep beat maker. Dr Drum is a great techno tool to create beats.

Rap Beat Software

Want more? While purchasing Dr Drum, you can get your very own ‘Sell Your Beats’ guide. Learn how to profit from your awesome beats! Who wouldn’t want to earn money from their passion for music? I know I would.

Not enough for you? You can also buy 700MB of extra sound kits for just $39.95. Make more music with these new sounds.

Including the “Sell Your Beats’ guide and the 700MB of extra sound kits you would  spend $118.90. Remember, you would pay that for JUST the software alone. This is a deal you don’t want to miss. I certainly didn’t want to miss this deal. Who wouldn’t?

Dubstep fans, techno fans, rap fans, and more, I recommend this beat making software. For one, you save a ton of money. Second, you get FREE video tutorials included with the software to give you a jump start. And lastly, PC fans and Mac fans can enjoy making great beats!

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What are you waiting for? Try Dr Drum now!

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