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Illusion Mage review

Stop motion software and I in the past used to be dreadful. I had a hard time creating good quality graphics with the tools I had. All of the software I tried was free. One day I decided to give paid software a try.

That’s when I found Illusion Mage, software which offered everything I could ever want. Illusion Mage came with four things which caught my eye.

  • High quality graphics
  • 200+ pages of guides
  • 6 hours of tutorials
  • Free updates for life

The graphics in Illusion Mage got me excited when I started using it. Everything looked very clean and had good quality. This was perfect for stop motion projects I had planned to create.

Give Illusion Mage a try.

The guides that came with Illusion Mage were very handy. There was a lot to read and learn from. I never had a problem using Illusion Mage because I started reading the guides at the beginning. If I didn’t want to read I had the option to watch tutorials. For anyone who prefers watching video than reading would be in love. Using the video or reading tutorials helped me either way. They both had great content to learn from.

My favourite thing about this stop motion software was the free updates for life. When you first purchase Illusion Mage you get a life time of free updates. This includes new tutorials and guides, as well as updates and new features for the software.

After using Illusion Mage I have to admit I don’t see myself going back to free stop motion software anytime soon. Illusion Mage simply had everything I wanted including free updates for life, all of the tutorials you could ever want, and the high quality graphics. I recommend anyone who is thinking of buying stop motion software to check Illusion Mage out. I’ve had great success with it and you will to!

Get started with Illusion Mage.

Still not sure about Illusion Mage? Check out this video!


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