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Live TV on Mac BookDo we have any Mac fans out there? I think so! Today I will be introducing a product created for Mac users. The product is called MacTV Pro. MacTV Pro is designed to provide you with TV on your Mac or MacBook.  This includes news, sports, movies, music videos, and live TV shows! This MacTV Pro review will share my experience and explain why you should consider purchasing MacTV Pro.

MacTV Pro is quite similar compared to Digital TV on PC but there is a key difference. This MacTV Pro review explains exactly why they are quite similar. MacTV Pro is designed specifically for the Mac. Since the developers can focus on creating the software for the Mac, it doesn’t get better than this. The sleek interface, compatibility, and the fact that you need no extra hardware really makes MacTV Pro a solid product.

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MacTV Pro’s interface is rich of unique features and is completely user friendly. You can easily select what you want to watch and play it. You even have the ability to favourite channels you love. For some channels you have the ability to pause and play them as much as you want. I found this feature golden! I always hated having to pay extra to be able to properly record shows. The second I realized you could do this in MacTV Pro I was hooked. What I also enjoyed was the clean, simple categories for the channels. I’ve never seen this ability on a normal TV. It was laid out perfectly so I could easily find the channel I was interested in.

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Compatibility is always a problem with software. You just never know if the software you are purchasing is compatible with your Mac. Luckily MacTV Pro is compatible with MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or even the original MacBook. The software is fully compatible with Mac OSX 10.5, 10.6, or 10.7. With this amount of compatibility there are no worries of errors or problems when you install the software. I myself had absolutely no problems when I installed the software. It was literally a breeze to set up. Something I know everybody expects when installing new software!

Hardware is expensive and takes up precious space. MacTV Pro is a standalone application, which means you don’t need any extra hardware, drivers, or even software to use it. All you have to do it treat it like any other software. Install it and then get browsing!

MacTV Pro Review

The types on channels you can watch while using MacTV Pro are quite endless. You can watch live TV on your Mac or MacBook. Who wouldn’t want to watch LIVE TV on your Mac or MacBook? It’s the same thing as casual cable or satellite, which is expensive. MacTV Pro is a onetime payment compared to cable or satellite. You can also watch news on your Mac or MacBook like any other channel. There are tons of news channels to choose from. You can watch sports on your Mac or MacBook including football, soccer ball, and basketball! You can watch a wide variety of TV shows on your Mac or MacBook.

The amount of channels available are endless. It would be silly to add a list of channels in this MacTV Pro review. There are over 2500 TV channels at your disposal, enough to provide you with endless TV. You could watch TV forever!

Watch TV Shows on Mac Book

There are no subscriptions or monthly fees included with this product. You only have to pay a onetime payment and then you get instant access! Generally one of my biggest fears with online TV are the subscriptions or monthly fees. Nobody likes them. They add up in cost and you never stop paying. There is a onetime payment when you purchase MacTV Pro, which I love! Personally I think you get your money’s worth since you pay only ONCE.

As I have said in this MacTV Pro review, I encourage Mac users to try this product out. Who wouldn’t want free TV on their Mac? TV is a great thing, getting it cheaper is even better, so give MacTV Pro a try and have fun! I hope you enjoyed this MacTV Pro review.

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